Экспериментально медицинский центр города Торонто

Lately, we were researching about electrical stimulation of the hippocampus. Some experts said that it causes temporary amnesia – Zapping Memories Away. It all started when Toronto experimental treatment centers started using deep brain stimulation (DBS). It’s been done to improve memory in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Progressive loss of memory is the main symptom of this disorder. While some drugs are available, they provide partial relief or even less than that. But recently lucky a chance discovery by the same Toronto group shown us new direction. In 2008, they reported that stimulation of the hypothalamus caused vivid recollections for a 40 y.o. man. In that case, the effect was entirely unintended and unexpected. The patient was being given DBS treatment to try to curb his appetite (he weighed 350 pounds.)